Marching through more snow 

Washington, DC. Always winter and never Christmas….

Why, you may ask, are there no photos of the children enjoying the snow? Well, gentle reader, that would be because the 4-year-old, the emotional center of our household, was a sick, tired, miserable sop throughout this miserable, miserable day.

Nevertheless, the snow was beautiful. 

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Snow day!

A snow day is a gift. But sometimes you just have to take one.
This was one of those days. A cold coming we had of it.
No matter what the authorities said, we knew it was a snow day.
Happy snowy Epiphany!















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Or maybe

E: Why, when we went to May’s party in the woods and we came back from the balloons, there was a PIÑATA?!
M: That was exciting wasn’t it?
E: Why was there a piñata? How did it just appear?
M: Well, I think May’s mommy and daddy brought it for her birthday.
E: Or maybe A WOLF did it!

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Baby you can drive my car




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Baby bagel

Little brothers eat all kinds of things their parents never would have fed the first child. Sunbutter bagel sandwich for a baby? Why not?





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Or maybe


Upon seeing plastic bag trash on the sidewalk…

E: Why is that bag so puffy like that, Mama?
M: Why do you think it might be puffy?
E: Maybe it is AIR?!
M: Yes! See how it moves a little in the wind?
E: Or maybe it is THE PINK PANTHER!

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We go to the library to learn new things. Today, Ezra read a book about medieval castles. Simon took all of the books off the shelf and learned to crawl upstairs.
Related news: Need a new baby gate, stat.






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