Pregnancy stats

Weeks: 24

Baby size: About a foot long and weighs about a pound.

Maternal size: Belly bump is present and rounded but not yet an obstruction.  The act of bending over and tying my shoes while sitting is uncomfortable but not yet impossible.

Maternity clothes purchases: One dress and one bathing suit. It’s a little awkward wearing the bathing suit to work every other day, but I’m pretty good at accessorizing.

Number of strangers who have said something to me about me being pregnant: Three

Number of total strangers who have touched my stomach: Zero (and may it ever stay that way)

Number of people who had previously never touched me, but have recently felt compelled to rub my stomach: Two

Baby movement: Rowdy! For a while there was fluttery movement, which was rather fun and especially evident during the Spain v. Germany match of the World Cup. But around three weeks ago, the movement turned into jabs. Pavo likes to kick, punch and, it seems, occasionally do a few flips. At work, I may be sitting at my desk like a normal person, talking to someone … and  little do they realize there are  CRAZY antics that are happening in my midsection.  Basically, it’s like a dance party in my womb.

Mama movement: Moderate.  I’m still running, kind-of.   It’s more accurate to call it “jogging” at this point.  I can’t take the heat, so I ran four out of five days earlier this week … but had not run at all the two weeks before that.  I was second place woman at the four-mile race-around-the-section at the annual Kansas family reunion for July 4th. That sounds a little fancy, but keep in mind it was a family race. I was just impressed with myself for running four miles without stopping at that point. It was mercifully overcast that day.
I’m still biking to work. We took a longer Sunday afternoon ride a few weeks ago, but those are getting trickier because 1) my shorts don’t fit 2) the road bike is not ergonomically designed for maximum comfort with an expanding midsection.
Swimming — yes.
Prenatal yoga — want to start.

Sex of baby: Unknown to us, on purpose. At first we both thought he was a boy. Then I decided we should conduct a thought experiment and pretend she was a girl for a while. Then I began to really believe she was a girl. Then Preston went back to thinking he’s a boy.

Now I think we are in consensus: could be either one.

We’ll be happy either way.



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4 responses to “Pregnancy stats

  1. Here, here! (to hoping no total strangers touch your belly. I’m not into that.) You are super preggo mama with all your exercising. Good job!

  2. Sara K.

    Yay! All the stats look great!!! You mom isn’t the only one excited about this blog!!!!

  3. MegGret

    Wahooooo for baby!!!!!

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