Intermission: bus fashion

The “clown bus” never fails to amuse. Yesterday, I was taken with the blue and white fashion of one of my busmates. He  looked particularly sharp in the bright royal blue setting that is the interior of DC buses.

Here you see his very exciting shoes:

Picture those with blue shorts, white tank and the crowning achievement, a royal blue “All-Pro contour foam” vest (it looked like a slim lifevest) with a seatbelt-style belt. He also sported cute just-above-the shoulder salon-style mini-dreadlocks and several tattoos, including a large flaming basketball headed toward a hoop that took up his entire forearm.

Have to say, he looked pretty awesome.



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2 responses to “Intermission: bus fashion

  1. Sara K.

    Oh clown bus, you come through again!!!

  2. MegGret

    Oh how I miss that clown bus when visiting DC!!! How I miss riding it with you and all the fun characters. Those are some pretty cool shoes. I am thinking baby needs a mini pair 🙂

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