I so wish I could get a womb-cam.

A lot of funny stuff seems to be happening in my abdomen.  Sometimes I just feel a “normal” kick or punch.. But sometimes, I swear it feels like somebody (and it’s not me) is doing backflips.  Or square dancing.  A little swimming, some bicycle peddling … maybe some in-utero triathlon training?

Just now, I felt a series of rapid movements in the upper right-hand quadrant of my mid-section. I swear Pavo was doing the cha-cha. Or perhaps practicing the stomping section of the Chilean cueca.

The movements are already smaller than what I used to feel — which kind of makes me a little sad. It used to be a lot of big kicks (think Rockettes!), now they are smaller (think cowboy dancing!). I am told this is normal; the baby is growing and just has less room. Pavo still has a lot of growing to do — I hope s/he does not run out of room for dancing!



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2 responses to “Cha-cha-cha

  1. Sara K.

    Good to know that Pavito/a has Daddy’s mad skills at the cuenca! Go little Pavo, go!

  2. This is so sweet!! 🙂

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