Summer, in words and pictures

I am getting ready to say goodbye to summer. And I can’t say I am happy about it.

Regardless of what the equinox or solstice might tell us, the other seasons can come and go with the weather. But summer has deadlines. When we return from our upcoming travels, Labor Day will have passed, my favorite public pool will have closed, children will be buried in schoolwork and my seersucker will have to go into storage for another year.

So each year I find myself dragging my feet toward Labor Day, shaking my head, asking summer to stick around just a few weeks longer (which the warm weather inevitably does … even if the tomatoes, long nights and pool days do not).

I am not a fan of hot weather, so I have in the past had a certain disdain for summer. But I have come to absolutely love, love summer in DC. The season has so many enchantments: our garden, brimming with basil;  a walk down to the pool on a Saturday afternoon; swimming laps around an obstacle course of bobbing bathers; long, long days that make me feel like I leave work at a reasonable hour; riding my bike in the sunshine; free concerts from military bands; the sight of my beloved beach (pool) towel hanging in the bathroom; farmers’ markets; fresh peaches; Lodi apples in the food mill; a pitcher of gazpacho in the fridge; outdoor movies with the Capitol dome as a backdrop; Wolftrap; musical evenings at the Phillips collection; green grass; picnics; zinnias; Saturday mornings in the abandoned-lot garden with my neighbors; a sunny evening baseball game with a chili half-smoke; eager interns clacking around the Capitol; and sweet, sweet August: the eight month, when Congress rested.

And it was good. It was very good.

Summer 2010, your 103-degree days nearly broke me. But I loved you all the same. I salute you, my last summer B.C. (before child), from that first taste of summer at Wolftrap on Memorial Day weekend to our last trip to the pool…

(Click on each picture to see a larger version with titles and captions.)



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3 responses to “Summer, in words and pictures

  1. Jay Z

    Now that I no longer get it off, summer is arguably my least favorite season (except for the Congress resting part) and yet after reading your post I feel nostalgic for it.

    (I also regret I did not wear my awesome new seersucker pants for you on Saturday. I knew I had forgotten something important!)

  2. I feel the exact same way about summer ending! Around here, the kids go back to school in mid-August, so Labor Day is more of a 3-day weekend instead of a crowning end to the summer. Thankfully, my school goes back September 7th. From the photos your summer looked like a fun one. You are right; we have to remember these “B.C.” moments. 🙂

  3. Sara K.

    Summer Sara is dissipating into the ethos, as I type. I am feeling a little nostalgic for Summer goodness, myself! Thanks for the summer wrap up!

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