My baby is crazy

I feel like most newborns I meet are pretty sedate:  sleep, cry,  eat,  poop, repeat. But do they kick and wiggle and punch a lot, and I have just never noticed? Unless Pavo totally changes in the next ten weeks, our baby may constantly be on the move, even  from his/her first moments breathing oxygen.

What can I say? My baby likes to party.

One can see  my belly moving (independent of me!) from a distance.  Today one associate noticed this during a presentation on microbial oceanography. She observed that perhaps my baby is a budding microbial scientist. But baby kicked during presentations on undersea oil plumes, marine spatial planning … It’s not just science. Baby likes to kick it during America’s Got Talent too.

Basically, when I sit still for a moment, Pavo starts moving. A lot.

What with all these water aerobics, will our baby be born with muscle tone?



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7 responses to “My baby is crazy

  1. Jen B

    Yaay — little cutie, a large fan base is waiting for you to come on out and party!! (Er, with strictly regulated curfew hours, please. That would be oh-so mannerly and responsible of you.)

    I am smiling and laughing at the image of belly aerobics visible from across the room.


  2. Sara K.

    I’ll dance with little Pavo whenever she/he is up for it.

  3. Big Sis

    I can hardly wait to see you and your undulating Pavo belly!

  4. Just the other day I was thinking about how babies cry when they’re born, wondering if it’s because they start moving all around like they’re used to doing, but since they’re not underwater anymore it feels all weird and weighty and wrong. I know I would be sad if suddenly I felt heavy and cold and unwieldy in space.

  5. the vessel

    oh, Erin, this is an interesting thought! Poor Pavo, floating around like a synchronized swimmer all these months, then s/he has to face the cruel world of air and weight.

  6. Harriet liked Britain’s Got Talent in utero. Maybe the little cousins will be the next…um…Susan Boyle? “The Winter Family Singers”–or dancers!

  7. Krista

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks but I think it’s the first time I’ve commented. I found it via your link at Sarah’s blog.

    Speaking of Britain’s Got Talent, judging by what Pavo and Harriet’s second cousin was like in utero, I think little Kara is more likely to cover a Stavros Flatley style act at extended family reunions. It’s a bit too early to tell about her younger sibling, though! I’ll have a more informed opinion on that subject starting in a month and a half or thereabouts.

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