I would rather be in Turkey

I’ve been back in my office for all of one week and am pining for vacation again.

This is a problem for several reasons — one being that I don’t know when or if that vacation will ever happen. But with a doozy of a week last week, a lot of work to do this week (and henceforth) and a cold, gray rainy Monday staring me in the face… can you really blame me for longing to be back in Turkey when I saw this picture on my computer this morning?

After working late in the night last night to throw away stuff in our house (with more to do!), then waking early this morning to work on a story about earthquakes and ocean exploration, I longed for a little bit of this…

My  slightly-smelly commute on the clown bus is always a good time. But you just can’t beat this kind of travel …

Photo of a hot air balloon over Goreme in Cappadocia, taken from another hot air balloon.

I give a lot of credit to cereal and milk as a refreshing, nutritious (depending on the cereal), quick breakfast. But man, I miss those Turkish breakfasts…

Standard breakfast items: boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, olives, bread, yogurt. I don't know that Turkish people would adorn their yogurt with honey in this way, but I liked it.

Feeling leisurely with Feithiye harbor behind me

Out my front door this morning, I saw: rain, sidewalk, street, a misplaced trash can and two alcohol bottles that some delightful person discarded in my tree box. Compare that to one morning in Turkey, when we climbed up to a Genovese castle and had this view of Olympos bay …

My life is still pretty great, of course.  But, oh, to be on vacation …

On a gullet (boat) in Fethiye Bay. My husband is awfully cute.



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3 responses to “I would rather be in Turkey

  1. amazing pictures! I can remember when we got home from Ireland, the ache to go back! But hey you have a baby to look FORWARD too! right?

  2. your pictures make me feel relaxed and long for vacation and I’ve never even been to Turkey. i hope you’re enjoying your week a little more now – sun!

  3. Sara K.

    I can see why you would rather be in Turkey. Thanks for the pictures…I had been longing to travel vicariously through your pictures.

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