Conversation with my three-year-old nephew

Auntie Peg points at my belly and addresses our nephew: “James look at this. See this belly? There’s a baby in there!”

James pauses for a moment from eating his pasta, gives my belly a ponderous look and replies, “I want to see inside.”

Me: “Aww, James. I want to see inside too. But see, we can’t. It’s covered with skin like a normal belly.” (lifting my shirt slightly to demonstrate)

James holds out the neck of his shirt and peers down at his own belly. After checking it out for a moment, he states very matter-of-factly: “I have something in my belly too.”

Me: “Yes, what is in your belly?” (thinking he might note the presence of his stomach, pasta, etc.)

James: “A choo-choo train!”



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6 responses to “Conversation with my three-year-old nephew

  1. megmed

    I can’t wait to hear the conversations he’ll have with the baby once s/he arrives!!

  2. Big Sis

    So yesterday James was reminiscing about our time in DC. He was fondly recalling the farmers market and the fountain. I asked him who lives in DC.
    “Ali and Preston and Zim Zim and Nana.”
    “What does Auntie Ali have in her belly?”
    “A baby! And I have something in my belly too.”
    “You do? What?”
    “A choo choo.”

  3. the vessel

    Oh, that is hilarious! He is so consistent with the choo-choo!

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