We had trick-or-treaters at our house last night! It was exciting. These events feel like a victory on a busy city street that has not always been incredibly safe. The next test will be if I ever muster up the courage to go Christmas caroling in my neighborhood. (verdict thus far: no)

In previous years I have conducted a pumpkin gentrification test: how long will a pumpkin survive on our front porch? The first year we lived in our house, my wee pumpkin did not even make it through the night. It was distressing. Last year, our pumpkin lasted for weeks!
I did not get around to buying a pumpkin for us this year (surprise!), but my neighbor friends across the street have one that has been surviving just fine. They were not home last night, so I considered stealing THEIR pumpkin to put on my porch, so trick-or-treaters would know we were friendly.

I am not sure what that would say in the pumpkin test.

But I left their pumpkin and just propped open our steel-bar door and turned the light on.

We only got a few small crowds of trick-or-treaters. There was at least one costumed person in each group. Each group also had at least one non-costumed person (often an adult) collecting candy.  I was handing out M&Ms and Kit-Kats and gave many trick-or-treaters an option of one or the other. When asked which varietal she wanted, one non-costumed adult replied, “It’s for the baby.” (The baby was, I believe, in a stroller.) I found this rather hilarious. Was I supposed to say, “Well in THAT case, have them both!”??? Really I just wanted to give her some fruit instead.



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4 responses to “Trick-or-treat

  1. Um, I’ve always thought kids who couldn’t walk shouldn’t go trick-or-treating. Seems like if they can’t collect their own candy, what’s the point?
    We didn’t put our pumpkins out until Friday night, but more because we were worried about the squirrels and other animals getting nibbly. Hubby did lose the olives out of his martini pumpkin, but all the others remained unmolested :).

  2. We got one troupe of non-costumed teenagers at 9:20. They were our only trick-or-treaters at all (granted, we spent the prime t-o-t hours up in Ramsey with our own costumed wonder), so I actually gave them candy. But just one kit kat each. And I berated them. Of course, Dan reprimanded me. At least I didn’t shut the door in their faces like I used to…

  3. the vessel

    Oh Jen, you like to live on the edge. I considered going to a movie Sunday night because I did not want to be home and have to hand out candy to non-costumed teenagers. But then we had a lot to do at home. And my neighbor pointed out to me, “Just give everyone candy. It’s a small price to pay for the safety of your home.”

  4. Sara K.

    We had 5 and they were all 10 or under. The little ones were especially cute. I think t-o-ting in an apartment is not that authentic. My nephew would be one baby who would get his candy…I’ve seen it! 🙂 So fun to see you Sat!

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