One week ago today

One week ago today, I was in labor.

I started writing this post this morning and am finishing it tonight … and that statement is still true. It would be true at almost any point today that at this hour last week, I was in active labor.

My water broke just after midnight. Contractions started circa 1 am. I kind of skipped that whole early labor thing, when you are supposed to be able to make cookies for your nurses and whatnot. My contractions were pretty strong and less than 10 minutes apart from the get-go.

We went to the hospital at 5 am. I kind of thought we might get lucky and have a baby before breakfast.

But the sun rose and set again before the baby BOY was born at 10:47 pm.

For those who are into that kind of thing, I will tell the birth story later — once I can think through it without bawling.

At the time I said it was the best and worst Thanksgiving ever. Worst because my Thanksgiving feasting consisted entirely of cranberry juice. Worst because I spent the day in searing pain. But best because it is the day we met our son.

One week later, the “worst” part all seems kind of foggy. I certainly don’t begrudge the baby for denying me cornbread dressing. The pain that was so intense and almost unbearable at the time seems kind of hazy now. Now it almost seems like it was the most perfect way to spend Thanksgiving.

I thought more than once that you would never arrive, baby, but we are so, so thankful to have you in our lives.

Thank you for blessing us with your presence, Ezra Campbell Winter.

Born: 10:47 pm, Nov. 25

7 lbs, 3 oz; 20 inches tall

Ezra, a couple of hours after birth



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8 responses to “One week ago today

  1. I love you! And I love Ezra!
    I also loved this post which made me cry.

  2. Hooray! With happy tears.

  3. Congratulations on your new little boy!

  4. Congratulations! he’s beautiful!

  5. Congratulations! What a handsome guy!

  6. Congratulations! What a beauty.

  7. Elizabeth

    Welcome to the amazing, miraculous, and terrifying journey of parenting 🙂

  8. Welcome to the world Little Pavo! Sorry my blogroll has taken me a bit to get to this congrats!

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