The Daily Ezra: Poultry mascots unite!

Today Ezra witnessed his first (televised) Carolina football game. Unfortunately, USC got walloped by the #1 Auburn tigers. Ezra was not pleased. But I reassured him that at least his first Carolina football game was an SEC championship game, something I had to wait 33 years to witness. We are still proud of those Gamecocks.



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5 responses to “The Daily Ezra: Poultry mascots unite!

  1. He looks so happy in that second pic! Guess the whalloping didn’t bother him too much.

  2. I had those same kinds of thoughts when I was pregnant with Niall and the Red Sox won the world series. I was wondering if I could count that for him since he was not yet born. But they came along and won it again a couple of years later, so we can say “in his lifetime.” 🙂

  3. Spotter

    He looks so much like P in the last post, but I see so much of your face in him in the second picture here!

  4. the vessel

    yes, he really does look rather like baby Ali in that second picture!

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