Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Today, December 6th, is the feast day of St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra. I let myself indulge in a little Christmas on this day, but this year it was particularly special with the wee Ez … especially because St. Nicholas left a parcel of goodies for our family! We found them on our doorstep this morning!

Here you can see Ezra pumping his fist in excitement over this gift.

woot! look at that booty!

We’ve been strictly Advent around the Winter household, but in honor of St. Nicholas, Ezra donned his Christmas suit and we listened to Sufjan carols. You DC pals will see him wearing this outfit to all the Christmas parties, so act surprised.

St. Nicholas was a bishop in Myra, now Demre in modern day Turkey, at the beginning of the 4th century. He had a reputation for secret gift-giving, such as putting coins  in people’s shoes. One of my favorite bits of Nicholas-lore is that he once rescued three poor dowry-less sisters. Their father could not afford a proper dowry for them, which meant they would remain unmarried and may be forced into prostitution. But Nicholas threw sacks of gold into their windows at night to provide for them. phew!

Little Ezra is no stranger to St. Nicholas. He visited the good saint’s stomping grounds in Turkey while in utero.

ruins of a theatre in Myra, Turkey

cool ruins in Myra

masks at the theatre in Myra

Lycian tombs, Myra

cheesy St. Nicholas statue in Demre



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3 responses to “Happy St. Nicholas Day!

  1. MegGret

    Oh man! St. Nicholas and Ezra will be such great buddies!!!! I love this pic and we miss celebrating this special day with you all. Happy St. Nicholas Day.

  2. Wow. Saint Nicholas rocks! Hattie also got a visit from The Bishop of Myra as he came to our Church’s muffin Sunday–complete with mitre and staff. I hope you are well!

  3. What a wonderful gift!!

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