Photobooth morning

My blogging has slacked off because my padres, who represent half of my readers, are in my house. But I know we have fans in New Jersey who need pictures. So today we had a photobooth session. Here we are wishing a happy birthday to Ezra’s cousin James.


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5 responses to “Photobooth morning

  1. megmed

    This cracks me up! You’re looking all alert & sassy, and he’s looking at you like, “what the heck, mamma?” 🙂

  2. MegGret

    Love love love love this! And, I am soooo glad you posted! We missed seeing our little guy!


  3. See, Mom & Dad make up less than half of your readership… there are already three others of us commenting on this fantastic photo. Dude, I LOVE the photobooth Ezra!
    Thanks for meeting my demands… keep it up 🙂
    Oh, man, Ez is killing me in this one!

  4. Oh my gosh, did my baby come visit you guys? Ezra looks a lot like Luke here!

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