Christmas lagging

I am not sure how one baby, who admittedly sleeps more than he is awake, can be so time-consuming. But he is.  I am certainly not sleeping very much myself, and I can’t seem to get anything done. (I am so grateful to friends who have delivered food to us. Thank you, friends! I can’t imagine planning and executing dinner every night.)

Take, for instance, our end-of-year cards with a Christmasy theme. I did made them with a web purveyor last week. Success! But they are still in a box on our cabinet. Fail! Good thing we paid extra for expedited shipping, right? We’re hoping to assemble them tonight and get them out tomorrow.  I’m hoping you’ll pardon my tardiness and see it as a clever way to celebrate the full 12 days of Christmas through Jan. 5th.

Now, let’s also consider our Christmas tree.  We actually bought it much earlier than I normally would, on St. Nicholas Day, because the Home Depot dude  told me that was the last day they would receive a shipment (I’m not sure if that was actually true).  I knew we would not be ready to decorate it yet, but wanted to get it while it was relatively fresh. But here we are, two weeks later, at Dec. 21 and the tree still looks like this:

Yes, friends.  You can see one ornament, placed by Nana, with a picture of Ezra’s cousin James, who celebrated his third birthday last week. So this is what we call a “Happy Birthday James Tree.” I have many, many more ornaments, but we just can’t seem to find the time to festoon the tree. We thought for sure we would do it on Saturday or Sunday, but Ezra was being Grinchy and demanding attention while we were home.

I am beginning to suspect that Ezra is perhaps a liturgical fundamentalist. He just doesn’t want us to celebrate Christmas during Advent!

I suspect a certain beloved Liturgical Fundamentalist may be having some influence on the young lad already.



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3 responses to “Christmas lagging

  1. Liturgical Fundamentalist! ha ha

    So cute!

  2. Love this picture of the “LF” and baby Ez!

  3. We have no sweet little one to give us our Liturgical fundamentalist title. Only white lights and a topper grace our tree. The box of ornaments awaits at its foot. No cards for us yet, either. Yay for Epiphany cards!!! Oh well!

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