Santy’s lil’ helper

The holdayish cards are ready to go in the mail. We resorted to our before-child productivity model and stayed up until 1 am finishing them. We will need to develop new methods in the future.

If Ezra complies, he and I will head out today in an attempt to buy some Christmas gifts for his papa. This will likely include the very exciting Baby’s First Public Transit Ride. Woot!

I dressed him in this elfkin suit to try to get him in the mood for Christmas shopping.



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4 responses to “Santy’s lil’ helper

  1. He looks darling! I hope he was a good helper!

  2. Yea! So glad he wore it– I was fearing it would be too big (maybe it is? whatevs, he looks fab!).
    I am DYING to see him! and you, of course.
    Seriously, I cannot believe he’s only a month old– he looks so wise already!
    LOVE yop!!!!

  3. Too bad Santa’s Little Helper couldn’t help stuff, stamp and address envelopes for you!

  4. No way! How can he be so cute???? What a great photo!!! 🙂

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