Hitting the gym

Ezra would like to send a big “thank-you!” to his cousin James for loaning us his old activity mat. James and his mom have graciously shared some of his baby gear for us to use here and when we visit in New Jersey. James seems to have a good understanding of the difference between a three-year-old and a newborn: he notes that he used to use such things when he was small but does not need them anymore. And he has sweetly said his Chevelle matchbox car is for Ezra when he gets older.

When James saw a previous picture of Ezra on the activity mat and was asked what his cousin was doing, James astutely answered, “Exercising!” Yes! It *is* exercising for the wee babe. Now if only I could get in a workout by lying around on the floor.

Tonight, Ezra had a big workout on the activity mat, for longer than he ever has before. (Almost the whole fourth quarter of the Jets v Steelers game?) We *think* part of the enchantment came from him looking at the reflection of the Very Handsome Baby in the wee mirror attached to the bottom of the turtle.

Give it up for the gym!

wow, this is fun

Lookin' good, lookin' real good.



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3 responses to “Hitting the gym

  1. Meg

    Oh wow! He is getting big. So fun!!!!

  2. Love, love, love the shirt (of course).

    And Ez, of course, is ADORABLE!

    I have some similar photos of James “exercising” back in the day.

    Love it!

  3. Way to pump the iron, Ez!!! He is so cute – love that happy smile!

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