The Ezra administration: first 100 days

Celebrating 100 days with cupcakes at the Reading Reptile bookstore in Kansas City

We have much to celebrate on this, the 100th day of the Ezra administration. Ezra slowly, deliberately entered the world 100 days ago and has brought joy and love each day since.

To be sure, it has not always been easy. The transition to the Ezra administration was somewhat difficult: sleep deprivation really is crippling. But things really improved after the first two weeks, and it has mostly been a peaceful, joyous time since then. I’ve learned coping techniques (key: remaining only semi-conscious for nighttime feedings), and my body has learned to adjust to less sleep. Even though Ezra still wakes up every two hours some nights, I really can’t complain. (ok, maybe just a little bit.) Ezra is a sweet, easy-going baby and most of the time it is a joy to work for his administration.

Ezra has accomplished much in his first 100 days. From the very first days of his administration, he was a champion eater. Witness: his round belly, chubby thighs and the fact that he is tipping the scales at more than twice his birth weight. We are very grateful he has been able to consume breastmilk exclusively.

Fairly early in his administration (though somehow never early enough), Ezra learned to smile, bringing delight to all around him. There was a period when it seemed like his reign consisted only of sleeping, eating and crying. When he sensed he was losing his electorate, he quickly turned things around and adopted non-crying waking hours. He placidly observes the world around him and shows delight by pumping his legs, squealing or panting. He grins readily now, and his smile really does light up the room. Even when he is not smiling, people are drawn to the young Ezra. Old ladies in retirement homes, kindergarteners in Southeast DC, even busy, self-absorbed DC professionals turn when walking down the street to smile at the cute baby.

In the first month of his life, Ezra thought the world consisted of home, church, doctors’ offices and holiday parties. But in the past two months, Ezra has become quite the man-about-town, a true urban baby. He has attended art show openings and gallery talks. He goes to coffee shops. He reads the Washington Post –never have reports on John Boehner or the Middle East been delivered in such lilting tones. He has regular lunch dates with other babies his age on K Street or at the Logan Circle Whole Foods. He saw Jake Armerding in concert at Ebenezer’s and attended a house concert in Mount Pleasant.  He happily sleeps through Mom and Baby yoga: savasana anyone? Of course, there may be one thing more relaxing than yoga: happy hour. Ezra snoozed through a birthday party at the packed, very loud, almost-a-dive bar, Sign of the Whale. He upgraded for his second happy hour to the chichi Churchkey — a place with a two-page menu of fancy beers on tap, where he happily relaxed with the Energy Reporters’ Co-op. His favorite place to sleep is strapped to the chest of one of his parents.

Ezra has made an effort to reach out to his constituents near and far in these first 100 days of his administration. He has travelled by car to South Carolina and New Jersey (twice), and has flown to California and Kansas City to visit family. He is an excellent traveller.

The Ezra administration has also established itself as a big supporter of our Lord. I wobbled into church with Ezra the day after I left the hospital, and he has missed church only one Sunday in his first 100 days. He is an excellent church baby – just ask anyone at St. Paul’s, where he has many fans and admirers. On more than one occasion, Ezra cried just outside the church, but his whole body relaxed as soon as we walked in the sanctuary. The vibrations of the organ seem to soothe him.

The Ezra administration has also shown early support for music. He LOVES it when people sing to him, especially his papa, who has a beautiful voice. I sang Advent hymns and Christmas carols for the first month of his life. Now he enjoys tunes from “Sound of Music” and “Oklahoma,” Bach arias, and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”  Ezra will sometimes sing along with his own ooos and aaahs and sometimes even (coincidentally?) match pitch (!?). We fully expect him to be the youngest choirboy ever to don the ruffed collar in the St. Paul’s Choir of Men and Boys.

The Ezra administration recently launched a new program: laughter. The laughter comes at unexpected times, often when changing clothes. It is totally adorable and irresistibly contagious. We look forward to building on the program in the next 100 days of the administration.

In so many ways, the time has flown by. I can’t believe Ezra has been here 100 days already. But in other ways, the days before his administration seem like a lifetime ago.

Thank you, Lord, for this great gift and great responsibility. We are so very blessed to be a part of Ezra’s days.

On his 100th day, Ezra reflects on past administrations by modeling a "vintage" outfit that belonged to his father and uncles.



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5 responses to “The Ezra administration: first 100 days

  1. Uncle Danny points out that GDP is up under the Ezra administration (gross diaper production).

  2. little

    this is FANTASTIC. i love that baby and his pr team.

  3. Brilliant! I’ve also heard wonderful things about his Press Secretary.

  4. Spotter

    This was completely adorable. Most entertaining. Sounds like the Winters are accomplishing great things under Ezra’s leadership!

  5. Fantastic! I have appreciated being one of Ezra’s happy constituents!

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