3-14, Celebrating Pi

It’s 3/14, Pi Day!

Ezra knows that you’re a winner when you celebrate Pi!

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8 responses to “3-14, Celebrating Pi

  1. MegGret

    Giules is just laughing at the moving pics of The Ez and his Pi.

  2. LOVE it!
    Cousin James asks, “Why is he serving his leg?”

  3. AlyssaSophia

    You are hilarious. And clearly having fun entertaining yourself (and us) with baby E!

  4. Brent

    He actually does look chuffed. Now I know what that term means.

  5. Erin

    I LOVE your humor! When I was working at a local high school the kids came into my group stating that today was the day of Pi. I was totally clueless and asked if they ate pie, etc. They played along and then finally told me. It was too funny! So glad you are clueing little E in a lot sooner.

  6. Kate

    love the facial expressions!

  7. Good to know that Ez has such a mathematical mind. We celebrated Pi Day in my class today and then went to a friends for pi(e) after dinner. So fun!

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