Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrating the reason for the season

Today people will wear green, seek pots of gold, lay claim on tiny slivers of Celtic heritage and crowd “Irish” bars all over the city to toast Guinness with friends and strangers. It is a jolly ole time! But behind all this tomfoolery (patrickfoolery?), is an actual man, Saint Patrick, bishop and apostle to Ireland in the fifth century.

In Patrick’s youth, raiders captured him in Britain and took him to Ireland as a slave. There he tended his master’s flocks, learned the local language and prayed day and night. He escaped after six years and later returned to Ireland as a missionary. He is credited with establishing Christianity in Ireland and is now its patron saint.

Here our tiny Saint Patrick uses the shamrock to explain the doctrine of the trinity.

He offers you his blessing.



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9 responses to “Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrating the reason for the season

  1. Anne

    Be careful what you wish for! It could happen.

  2. little

    nice handi-work on the tiny chausible!

  3. Uncle Dave

    Somebody’s Mom has way too much time on her hands!

  4. Amanda

    I could not love this any more!

    And he is getting to be such a CHUNK!

  5. Patti

    You don’t know me…but I’m Maggie’s friend Kristin’s mom! Kristin has shared your blog with me and I LOVE seeing the pictures of little Ezra!!! I’m a Pediatric NP and see babies all day long….but your little guy is definately one of the cutest babies EVER!!! I laughed so hard when I saw the pictures today that my husband came from the other room to see what was so funny!! I hope you keep up the wonderful “Chronciles of Ezra”…it is the highlight of my day!! 🙂

  6. Elizabeth

    Um, he makes a really cute baby bishop. Maybe he’ll grow up to be +Ezra. At any rate, it’s a fantastic chasuble.

  7. Rhiannon

    I’m loving these dress up pictures!

  8. I love this post! I just giggled away when I saw it. Who knew that CGS props could come in so very handy! I appreciate the message as well. St. Patrick was an amazing Saint!

  9. I wonder if he’ll still be so willing to dress up when he’s say, 9? 😉 I love these pictures. He is such a cutie! I want a date with that little man. Come see us! Or let’s meet somewhere.

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