The Madness

We’ve been on the road with only intermittent internet access for the past week. I am sorry we missed so many great opportunities for costumed fun: St. Joseph’s Day, Supermoon Day and the first day of Spring. But really, even if we did not have the internet to blame, Ezra has just been too busy rooting for his Jayhawks in the Big Dance.

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk! KU!

It’s madness, people, this basketball. Our bracket is toast, but the thrill of watching the close games and upsets makes it totally worth it…well, at least as long as our favorite #1 seed keeps advancing.

The Kansas allegiance is a part of Ezra’s paternal heritage. (Indeed, the young man has a lot of avian sports teams to cheer on in life.) Admittedly, I watch basketball about one month out of every year. (Umm, I didn’t even really know what “March Madness” was until I moved to DC. I thought it referred to a sales season…? oops.) But I absolutely love the tournament now. One of my favorite things: there can be 30 seconds left in a game and IT COULD GO EITHER WAY. Anything could happen. Oh the agony and joy of it all!

Ezra will be rooting for his Jayhawks this afternoon.We love VCU’s Cinderella story, of course, but our heart is on the prairie. The prairie with the big basketball hoop.

ooooh, come on guys, wringing my hands here

aaand...put it in the bucket ...

one happy little jayhawk

Come on, Final Four!



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3 responses to “The Madness

  1. Dear Ezra,
    First off, as always, you look ADORABLE!
    Secondly, I am very sorry that your team didn’t win today and make it to the Final Four. Especially because that ruins my (ridiculous) bracket, as I had Kansas winning it all. Oh well.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Can hardly wait,
    Auntie Jen

  2. A

    we had Kansas winning it all too, in all of our brackets. I don’t think we have any of the final four teams.

  3. My teams were out ages ago! Ezra is really showing his amazing team spirit! So cute!

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