Opening Day

It’s opening day for the Washington Nationals! A cold, gray day here in DC … and that’s just the weather.

Ezra is slightly skeptical about this season (as is Thomas Jefferson, apparently).

But win or lose, we love our baseball team. Let’s go Nats!



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5 responses to “Opening Day

  1. Glad to see my favorite fan boy weighing in on the new season.

    Oh my! I am overwhelmed by his cuteness!

    Also, I think these will make excellent ‘future girlfriend sharing’ pictures!

  2. AlyssaSophia

    Go Nats!! Go Ezra! (you should send this in to the Nats folk–I bet they’d use E in some advertising, or at least throw it up on the jumbotron for a few secs during the game!)

  3. Oh, I remember when you bought that outfit! Ez looks fabulous in it!
    Who are the Nats facing today?

  4. Meg

    The whole thing is just too much for us to take in. Maybe you all should come up for a Sox Vs. Nats game … when it warms up, of course.

  5. So cute!! And, love the TJ doll.

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