Green pancakes

Ezra did not dress up for April Fool’s Day. Brutus, Cupid, and St. Patrick’s costumes are one thing, but somehow I draw the line at dressing my baby up like a fool. Because he is a very serious baby, you see.

Instead, on this April 1st, I bring you a recipe that can fool your (solid food-eating) child into eating spinach. And for adults with or without children, this is a meal a  you can seriously enjoy. No foolin’.

Green pancakes, people.

Last night Preston and I made these green pancakes with lime butter, a recipe I saw in our beloved Washington Post food section.  And let me tell you, they are delicious. I thought the meal might provide dinner and lunch … but oops, we devoured all the pancakes in one sitting.

If you are making these pancakes for your ninos, you may want to avoid the jalapenos and red pepper flakes. And if you have a really picky eater, maybe the green onions too. They would still  be delicious just as pancakes with spinach in them, and it would be a great way to sneak a bunch of that Popeye food into the meal of a kid who loves pancakes. I’m looking at you, Nephew James.

For adults: I recommend making the butter in advance if you want the meal preparation to be speedy. Also, I have no idea why the Post tells you to heat up the griddle *before* you chop onions, beat egg whites, etc. That’s just plain silly. The print edition of the recipe also never tells you to actually *add* the spinach, so don’t forget to do that.

Other than that, we followed the recipe. We did not use white pepper in the butter, because I do not own white pepper. We just used some black pepper. It was delicious.




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4 responses to “Green pancakes

  1. Sounds good. And, of course, I was thinking of Jamesy even before you called him out!
    Will have to give these a try this week 🙂

  2. What did you serve on top of them. I’m thinking E would be so confused that there is no syrup involved. Hmmm, what do you think a light white or cheese sauce would do to these?

  3. Ali

    Oh, a cheese sauce! That could be good! We just put the lime butter on top. It was delicious.
    Also, Megan pointed out to me that the Post has you warm up the griddle early in the recipe because you want it consistently hot and you want to start cooking the batter fast, since it has the egg whites in it. Good point. However, it takes me forever to chop onions and whisk egg whites, so it was still waaaay too early in the recipe for me.

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