Half a year

Today is Ezra’s half birthday!

In some ways, it seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little squishy newborn. So little, so sweet, just taking it all in.

He has changed so much since then.

Ezra's first bath

Bathtime is a little more enjoyable now.

It all changed so quickly. In those first weeks when we could not put him down, I thought we would never cook again. I thought I would not have the mental capacity to make a grocery list until he was in elementary school. So little sleep, so many tears.

And yet, that time was so sweet too. I had no idea it would all change so fast. Where did the time go?

How can my baby be a “grown-up” six-month old already? It was hard enough for me when he hit five months. “Five months” sounded so much older than “four months.” I couldn’t bear to say it when people asked me how old he was; he was well into his fifth month before I actually admitted it…and then POOF, it was time for six months already. A mom of a high school senior said, “just wait until he turns eighteen!”

These first six months have been a time warp. The weeks have sped by. And yet, it seems like it has been much longer than six months that Ezra has been in our lives. It has certainly been the most life-changing six months I have experienced. Previously, I was a young woman, flitting about the world. Now I am somebody’s mom, and that is the centrally defining point in my life.

Was it just half-a-year ago when we brought him home, and I sat on this couch and stared at his carseat, crying and thinking “Now we have a baby in the house, now what do we do with him?”

Hasn’t he always been here?

My sweet little baby is probably close to three times as big as he was then. He is very much aware of the world around him. He gets pretty excited at my dance moves and loves my singing. (I know that will not last.) He still cries and wails on occasion, but not as much as he once did. He is more into smiling these days … and laughing and grabbing his toes. He is, quite frankly, a rolly polly barrel of fun.

He’s a big grown-up six-month old now. He’ll start eating solids and moving around soon, and before I know it, he’ll be Mr. Independent.

Oh Lord have mercy, he’ll be eighteen before I know it.



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7 responses to “Half a year

  1. Meg

    Oh sweet Ezra, happy happy half-birthday! We love you and miss you! And, we can’t wait to watch you as you grow… but yes, as your mommy said, do it as slowly as possible so we don’t miss a thing!

  2. Janelle

    You describe the paradox of those first few months so well. Crying, but joyful, difficult and wonderful, a short time that feels also like a long time. I don’t know how all of that is, but it is. I hope we get to see you all and precious Ezra real soon!!


    And, as always, I feel fairly certain you could get this blog post published in some parenting mag. Just sayin’.

  4. Rhiannon

    I know what you mean, Alana is 10 months!! I could cry when I think about it! Time needs to stop for a while!

  5. Anonymous

    Happy half year!!

  6. Mom

    I love reading your blog : )

  7. So precious! I must have E time! Summer Sara loves to come and hang out (6/24) when she is around. Maybe E will invite me over to play…

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