Summer: bring it

Someone is a little excited about opening day for seersucker season!
Happy* Memorial Day!

*I recognize that “Happy Memorial Day” is a little contradictory, when one thinks of the real meaning of Memorial Day. It should be a really somber holiday, but it’s a holiday, so it’s mostly about summer fun, cookouts, pool openings, seersucker, parties and the like. And I love those things.

But it is Memorial Day, so I feel a little guilty just celebrating seersucker. I watched a bit of the Memorial Day concert on PBS tonight and was a teary mess. I felt so much admiration for the soldiers I saw on TV … and at the same time I thought, “oh goodness, I hope Ezra does not join the military.” Is that wrong? I apologize to armed forces families. And yet, I think I am not the only mother with that thought — it’s rough.

It is good to pause and think of how many have sacrificed their lives or their mental or physical health in military service. We need to do that more, for certain. We also need to take care of those who have faced terrible losses in the line of duty. May peace be with them today.



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2 responses to “Summer: bring it

  1. I was hoping for a little seersucker fun after our conversation. He looks so cute!

  2. He’s so JOLLY!
    I mean, who looks so happy whilst falling over like that?

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