You’re not so skinny-faced yourself, Mr. DMV

Ezra and I took the car to the DC inspection station this morning; we were overdue to get a new inspection sticker. I am proud to report that Liesel the Diesel passed the test with flying colors. But my favorite part of the excursion had to be this exchange, with one of the car inspectors:

DMV dude: Is that a little fellow or a little girl?
Me (pulling back the carseat shade a bit, to reveal Ezra): He’s a little boy; he’s sleeping.
DMV dude: Oh yes, I see, he’s knocked out with his fat-faced self.



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7 responses to “You’re not so skinny-faced yourself, Mr. DMV

  1. sew

    omgosh! I have tears in my eyes…I don’t know whether to laugh or cry….What did you do???

  2. Sarah

    Haha, that’s hilarious!

  3. Lane

    Yes, what was your response?

  4. A

    Oh, I just smiled and took my fat-faced baby inside.

  5. sharon

    A back handed compliment?

  6. Oops, badly placed comma. I better double check my comments before I hit post! Sorry to you and all of the English majors who read this blog.

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