Harry Potter, the final chapter

It is the opening day for the last Harry Potter movie. I assume Ezra will one day be a Harry Potter fan. But he will not know what it is like to stand in line at midnight to buy a book or see the movie. He won’t reread one book over and over in delightful anticipation of a future book release date. And he may not be able to see the movies on the big screen (until they are all reformatted in some future 3D technology and rereleased a la Star Wars).

But he can still fall in love with the characters. He may still cry a little when Cedric Diggory dies. He may find a connection with Ron Weasley through his red hair. And he and his pals will likely still dress up like Harry Potter characters for Halloween or book character days.

Ezra’s getting a head start on that one …



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2 responses to “Harry Potter, the final chapter

  1. Anonymous

    that hive on his forehead looks kinda like a lightening bolt. nice touch.

  2. I love this post. I was having the same feelings for our nonexistent children. No midnight anythings, no anxious waiting, no costumed mayhem! And yet, what an experience it will be to read it together as a family. I sure hope our darling nonexistent children enjoy HP as much as their parents do!

    Love the tie!

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