That face

Ezra has a lot of new skills lately. Some are more practical (movement!); some are just cute. In the cuteness category, he has developed a new greeting: a shy, charming, smiley face that he makes to return the smile of a beloved.

It is basically the baby equivalent of turning the chin to the shoulder and batting the eyelashes.
For instance, here you can see Flower (from Bambi) employing this time-honored charm offensive:

I have not yet captured on film the full intensity of Ezra’s new charm technique. But you can start to get the idea here…

Ezra would also like to thank his godbrother Joseph for loaning him the adorable outfit. Thank you! It certainly enhances the cuteness factor.



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2 responses to “That face

  1. What a doll! And how could anyone ever say no to that face?!?!

  2. Janelle

    The resemblance to Flower is pretty remarkable and super, super cute.

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