Welcome, football

Today, we would like to thank the good Lord for the gift of football.
Specifically, college football.
More specifically, Carolina football.

As summer fades, we bid a tearful farewell to garden squash, pool dates and long nights of sunlight. But here comes football, to take away the chill of autumn with its warm embrace. Its stadium lights illuminate the darkness. It brings hope.
(And despair, but that usually comes a bit later in the season.)

what's the next play?

The most common future hobby that people designate for our portly babe is that he will one day be a football player. And the prediction is not for a kicker or a QB. A man on the metro recently took a look at Ezra and said, “Look at that. He’s gonna be an offensive lineman.” I must admit, that sounds like a little more head-injury-risk than this protective mama would like. (And I doubt he’ll keep up his lineman physique. His father was a chubby baby too, and you see how that turned out.) But whether or not Ezra ever plays football, I suspect he’ll join in football fandom.

For his part, Ezra seems to think the whole thing sounds hilarious…



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7 responses to “Welcome, football

  1. sew

    He has the sweetest laugh ever!!

  2. li'l

    This baby is definitely growing up and thinning out. Just look at that neck!

  3. A

    Lil’ sis, thank you for noticing. I was thinking he looked rather slender in those photos. Like a little football coach, moreso than a lineman.

  4. A

    Uh, and yes — he is wearing a T-shirt and a (cloth) diaper. classy. Need to get some shorts and pants for the young man..

  5. Spotter

    I love that most (maybe all?) of the videos you post of him are of him laughing. The whole Winter family is so charming! A fun loving baby for fun loving parents!

  6. Aunt Beth

    This seems to be a very good year to introduce him to USC football!

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