Let’s go Caps

Two weeks ago, Ezra attended his first hockey game. It was a preseason game, Washington Capitals vs. Chicago Blackhawks. The Caps won! Hooray! Here are some high-quality blackberry photos of Ezra’s first hockey experience …

Ezra enjoyed kickin’ it on the clown bus to get down to the game.

I had little awareness of hockey before I moved to DC (I mean, I *am* from South Carolina), but I really love Caps games, in part because the fans are SO INTO IT. (Also because it’s fun to watch the guys skate around, of course.) The games are sold out, everyone wears red and cheers madly. There are horns, bells, chants, special greetings to the keeper. It appeals to my love of crowd excitement. This preseason game was much more mellow. The level of excitement in the partially-filled arena was about equal to your standard Nats game. The upside: less damage to Ezra’s ears. He did not want to wear his noise-blocking headphones, perhaps because he was SO INTO THE GAME.

A new Caps fan!

Ezra -n- Ovie 4ever


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  1. The caption on that final picture! Oh, that one keeps me laughing!!!

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