I love you, DC: Rock Creek Park edition

Sunday, Oct. 16: I love you, DC.

I love that Ezra and I can ride the bus on a Sunday morning, cozying up with the crowd. We’re the only white people on the bus, but I don’t notice until a conversation about race makes me aware. Three African Americans, unknown to each other before getting on the bus, are discussing Martin Luther King Jr., whose monument will be dedicated that morning. They’re amazed how far the country has come, now that an African American is in the White House. They note there is much farther to go. One gentleman sums up his view of history: MLK, “black Jesus;” JFK,”for the people;” Obama, “puppet on a string.”

We transfer to the metro, which is crowded with folks in Redskins shirts and jackets, headed out to the game. Later, on the Metro ride home, people are wearing white ballcaps from the MLK dedication. Ezra and I pop in the grocery on the way home to buy cider and some pretty fall flowers. Ezra’s in a carrier on my chest and wants to grab the flowers. We have an awkward walk home, as I try to hold the flowers out of his reach.

Ezra takes a late nap and wakes up at 4pm. We wanted to get out and enjoy the glorious fall day…and behold, in the District of Columbia this *is* possible.

Less than two miles from our urban ‘hood, and we are walking in the woods. All three members of our family are loving it.

City mouse morning. Country mouse afternoon.

Take it away, country mouse…

So many delights in one little District. Thank you, DC.



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5 responses to “I love you, DC: Rock Creek Park edition

  1. Li'l

    So very lovely. I want to live this day too.

    Favorite pictures:
    1) Ez and Daddy smile broadly at each other
    2) Ez carefully inspects a leaf.
    3) Ez looks chuffed in the wagon with Daddy. I love that face.

  2. Funny, I was just going to comment on the very same favorite photos! (I also love that the wagon is parked next to a car.)
    Those W men are certainly handsome!
    What an awesome day. Truly.

  3. Nicole

    ezra where is your smocked john john? 🙂

  4. A

    oh, thanks, sisters! your comments give me new appreciation for those photos too. I love the way you describe them, Mag “broad smiles” and “chuffed.”

  5. What a great day! I love that DC always has so much to offer. Even wooded parkland (my family didn’t believe that before they visited here)! We always get the standard, “What’s it like to live there in DC?” Then we often say, something about how green and lush it is and how many great outdoor opportunities there are in addition to the citified goodness! That is when Idaho jaws drop…

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