A visit to the park

We are fortunate to live a block away from two “pocket parks,” little parks tucked between rowhouses in the middle of a street. Lady Bird Johnson helped create our parks, but by the time we moved into the neighborhood, it was hard to imagine a First Lady getting anywhere near them. They were neglected by all but the drug dealers.

Happily, that is no longer the case. Over the past few years, neighbors and the DC government worked together to reclaim the parks. They now have fences, landscaping, awesome play equipment and no sign of drug deals.

When I was pregnant, several neighbors mentioned the parks and how I would soon benefit from their renovation. I thought it would be a few years before our child would be old enough to appreciate them. But no, as you can see, I already have a big fan.

He likes to crawl on the squishy surface of the park, climb on the (age-inappropriate) play structure and spin in the spinny things. (Yes, the same spinny things that I protested when the park was being planned. Of course kiddos don’t have the same nausea response I do when it comes to spinning.)

Just another block up is another bigger park with swings. E loves the swings. He first rode in a swing on his 8-month birthday. I went to the park with a friend who has older boys and she asked, “Would Ezra like to get in the swings?” Me: “You don’t think he’s too little?”

Of course not…

First ride in a swing. Verdict: awesome!

Fashionable swinging in September, before E gave up hats.



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5 responses to “A visit to the park

  1. Meg

    I love this his expressions!!!! I can’t wait to squeeze him next week!!!!!!

  2. Baby Chasing has the same outfit! I love it! The swings are a hit with him, too. Also, he is boycotting hats.

  3. Sara K.

    How fun! I need to come over and get to the park, too!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Little Pavo!

  4. Janelle

    Nice parks. I love his little sock-ed feet!!

  5. Um, I LOVE that photo wherein he’s grinning in the spinny thing. Cousin James would no doubt love playing with Ezra there!

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