Thank you, St. Nick!

We want to (somewhat belatedly) give a shout-out to St. Nicholas, who kindly showered us with treats on his feast day, Dec. 6th.

Ezra woke up to discover a Nutcracker in his shoe. Then St. Nicholas’s helper, who also happens to be one of Ezra’s godmothers, brought us a basket of beautiful and delicious treats!

Here you can see Ezra showing some early enthusiasm for the foil-wrapped chocolate Santy, but what he truly LOVED was the pea soup.

Score another one for St. Nicholas! Christmas miracles all around.



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3 responses to “Thank you, St. Nick!

  1. I still cannot get over those cute chicklets!
    And that Nutcracker in the shoe is pretty fantastic.
    Love and miss you!!!

  2. St. Nicholas's not so tiny Tomte

    I approve of the Ezra’s taste. The pea soup was pretty awesome. Though not as awesome as the nutcracker in the shoe.

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