Hark, hear the Christmas card bells

I’ve neglected the blog because we’ve been rather mentally preoccupied with our friend. You can read more about him here: http://getwellpk.blogspot.com/

But I needed to come out of hiding today to give a shout-out to Nana and Pops and their groove-inspiring Christmas card. After a day visiting at NIH, then sobbing on a run in Rock Creek Park, I picked Ezra up from his babysitter’s and came home to discover some delightful Christmas mail. I love holiday cards! Ezra got a very special one today, and you can see he enjoyed it. (These are Ezra’s dance moves, by the way. He’ll work on the leg kicks later.)



December 21, 2011 · 9:45 pm

4 responses to “Hark, hear the Christmas card bells

  1. Janelle

    Love it. Those are some wild dance moves… and a blessed ending to such a day.

  2. Meg

    Oh sweet little dancing one! How the angels love that you dance! And we love it too! I know Uncle Mike can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!! Love and hugs and Blessed Advent!

  3. li'l

    man oh man. i hope that one day Ez is a musician and he can brag about his early affinity with this little clip. I sure do love that baby.

  4. So fun! Hope Colorado is fun! S

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