Santy in the city, part one

A night at the National Tree outside the White House…presented to you in multiple installments, because my access to technology at the moment is pretty dicey.

Waiting outside Santa's workshop. Ezra was digging the lights, although you cannot tell it here.

Inside Santa's workshop!

Santa's high-tech naughty and nice assessment

The loot.



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2 responses to “Santy in the city, part one

  1. Okay. Next year, Team Lepori has GOT to (finally) make it to DC whilst it is in holiday mode. Can’t believe I’ve never seen the tree(s), etc.
    James would love this. Plus all the trains (real and those of the Christmas decore varietal).
    Miss you.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Looks like fun!!! Hope your Christmas was Merry! Happy Boxing day from N. Idaho!

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