Super Bowl Baby!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
I thought we did not have a dog (or horse, or bird, or soldier, or mythical large human) in the fight. But it seems Ezra is faithful to the hometeam of his Godpadres.

Go Pats!

Lil' Heisman



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7 responses to “Super Bowl Baby!

  1. I’m so glad Ezra picked the right team! He’s adorable!!! GO PATS!!!

  2. I cannot deal with the cuteness!
    Even if he’s in a Patriots shirt 🙂

  3. Pops

    Sorry, Big E,but the Giants have done it again. You are the cutiest ever. Pops.

  4. Li'l

    Hooey! This picture makes me laugh.

    p.s. Pops might wine for the cutiest grandpa ever.

  5. A

    Pops is the cutiest.

  6. Beautiful little boy 🙂
    I somehow found my way over here, and so glad I did!!

    (Not just to say NA-na na na naaaaaa about the Giants big win, AGAIN, either ;P )

    Long time no “see!”

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