Rock chalk

We have some family allegiances. They frequently involve avian mascots.

Today we were showing our love, hopes and dreams for the mighty Kansas Jayhawks, while enjoying the kite festival on the National Mall.


We also love cake. And another year of life for Mr. Awesome Daddy.


As an aside, I highly recommend walking through DC on a Saturday afternoon with a cake in a cake-carrying-caddy. It will get you some interesting looks and comments. A lot of, “Hey, I’ll go where you’re going” and “nice cake” and such. But my favorite, from some random people walking behind me: “Don’t mess with her, she’s carrying a bundt cake. You do not want to make her use it. She has a conceal and carry permit for that bundt.”

UPDATE: OHMIGOODNESS! What a game! GO KU! A lot of shouting going on here. Ohio State, you played well and your fans had awesome stripey arms.



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2 responses to “Rock chalk

  1. Sara K.

    Hey, You have a new look. I like it! 🙂 We are sorry to have missed out on all the fun! Happy belated b-day to Mr. Awesome Daddy! 🙂

  2. Sara K.

    A new look on the blog, that is! I’ve decided my comments will be very exciting and I will exclaim them all!

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