A little more rock chalk

Well, the come-back kids from Kansas did not come back with quite enough strength last night. But I am still proud to be an auxiliary member of Jayhawk nation. KU!

We really enjoyed watching March Madness this year — we even rearranged some live, in-person entertainment so that we could stare at basketball on a little screen. That is commitment. We ducked out of a hockey game to watch Kansas win against UNC (and got back to the hockey match just in time to see our Caps score another goal. nice.). We rescheduled a play so we could watch another game, and stayed up too late too many times to be a part of the madness. It was so worth it.

We were (surprised and) thrilled Kansas made it to the championship. Yes, I may have gotten my baby out of his bed on Sunday morning and put on the same Kansas t-shirt he wore the day before. I am not ashamed.

Thanks, Grandma, for the fabulous shirts and jacket!

Ezrayhawk and I were decked out in Kansas pride as we cheered on his dad in the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I was surprised how many Kansas cheers, jeers and comments we got from various bystanders. There was a lot of “Rock Chalk!” some “KU!” and one dispirited “Kansas, you did it again,” with an accompanying head wag. When wearing a Kansas shirt yet again on Monday, one gentleman in a store told me, “good luck tonight.” I was so confused for a moment.

I frequently don (University of South) Carolina apparel to celebrate football victories or College World Series championships, but no one ever seems to notice then. Sigh.

But it was fun to be a part of a national phenomenon, at least for a moment. Thank you, Tyshawn and friends, for a great run. I loved Kansas and basketball a little more with each game, and I think next year, I’ll even try watching basketball some time prior to the month of March.


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