Chocolate, and its various uses

The chocolate chronicles: yesterday, Ezra opened a cabinet and discovered a small container with chocolate chip cookies inside. It was not at his eye level, but he reached up and got it, and I was so impressed with his cookie sleuthing that I decided to reward his cunning and share a cookie with him (Plus, I kind of wanted a cookie myself). He did not eat his portion of the cookie. Rather, he put it in his mouth, took it out and then used the chocolate chippy edge to draw on his leg. Fair enough.

So today when a box of dark chocolate wafers fell off the counter, I was not too concerned. I let him eat a bite, thinking that he would reject the rather grown-up taste of very dark chocolate. I mean, he had declined a chocolate chip cookie the day before. But no, he enjoyed the dark chocolate. He did the “more” sign, which he now exclusively employs for things he considers real treats. He took another bite, chewed on it … and I’m not certain what happened next, but it would appear he  took it out of his mouth and rubbed it all over his head.

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3 responses to “Chocolate, and its various uses

  1. Sara K.

    Such refined tast! Way to go hipster baby!

  2. Sara K.

    Taste, I do know how to spell taste!

  3. Janelle

    I need some Ez time. That is all.

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