Pastry chef

Make no mistake, Ezra is his father’s son. He is already carrying on the proud family tradition of pie crust making.


In fact, he is considering starting his own cooking show. He’s a natural, as you can see — mixing, measuring, explaining the process, and sharing cute little anecdotes with his signature wit and flair.Image



Like every self-respecting toddler chef, Ezra knows a key part of cooking is testing the dough…especially if one of the main ingredients is butter. In fact, it is important to Chef Ezra to test the BUTTER first, before it even goes in. He may be in the early stages of his chef career, but Ezra has already developed a deep and abiding devotion to butter. Julia Child would be proud. Image

“With enough butter, anything is good.”




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3 responses to “Pastry chef

  1. Anonymous

    Ali, This is so wonderful. I *literally* just posted about pie-making on my blog:

    looking forward to seeing you soon. And eating some more pie.

  2. Brent

    He is a natural.

    The Vukmer household agrees about butter. When I make John a waffle in the morning, I tell him it’s a “butter delivery system.”

  3. Sara K.

    Is he signing up new apprentices soon? I could use a lesson from a master!

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