A few of Ezra’s favorite things, Central America edition: horses, tortugas, cars, buses, bicydiddies, (soccer) balls.  

Horses are a new love, and a strong one. Indeed, at this point, most every animal is a “horse,” with the exception of turtles, cats and dogs.

So, I could not resist the opportunity to buy a handmade wooden rocking horse on the side of the road. For $20! 

On the way home, Ezra kept asking, “horse? horse?” at every stop. We would take him to the back of the car and show him that yes, indeed, his horse was still back there. “Horse! horse!” 

I would say he is pleased with the purchase.




A recent morning’s ride…







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2 responses to “Caballero

  1. The guy rides with style. John rides his horse every night before bed, complete with whinnying noises, but not with the same wild abandon.

  2. Sara K.

    Que bueno caballerito! 🙂 What an amazing find! Love that he kept checking to make sure his trusty stead was right where he left it!

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