Potty times, day 2

We have completed (the waking hours) of our second day of potty boot-camp. Allegedly, we should be more than half-way there.

Considering our young trainee was in diapers every day of his life until yesterday, we have made stunning progress. He wore underpants all day today like it was no big deal, he never asked for a diaper and he did not complain about running to or sitting on the toilet. At one point we were in the basement doing laundry and he declared a need for the potty and raced me up two flights of stairs to the bathroom to use it…and no, there was no trail of urine behind him. I call that major progress.  I can see the potty thing is catching on, but it is still hard to imagine trying to do something normal in the near future. Will we really be able to put him in pants and take him to the farmer’s market on Saturday? We will see.

I think our underpants totals today were about half what they were yesterday. Yesterday his unders were at least a little wet every time we went to the potty. Today they were dry a couple of times … but of course he wanted to change them anyway. Other pluses: he is starting to realize when he needs to go and telling me about it. It seems like he is also either learning to hold it a little longer, or perhaps I am just not giving him enough liquid. (Can that really happen that fast, the learning to hold it?) He volunteered to use the portable potty seat on the big potty this evening and enjoyed that,  a great step toward using potties outside the house. And he really seems pleased with himself for going … although he wants that grand prize of “dirty!” poop every time. No “dirty!” today (in the potty or otherwise), despite my attempts to help things along with a healthy serving of dried fruit. 

On the down side, there was an all-out accident, puddle-on-the-floor situation this evening, unlike we’ve seen since we first started this whole shebang yesterday morning.

The rugs are still rolled up.

I have to say, the potty-training part of the training is really not so bad, maybe because I went into this expecting to do nothing else for three days (except some work while he slept). We took care of grocery shopping, I had paper towels and spray bottles of vinegar out, I did not expect to get any great chores accomplished. There have been puddles on the floor, but the tiny puddles of a hydrated toddler are really not that bad. A quick clean and WAY less disgusting than, say, cat pee. (Looking at you, Zim. That was so gross.)

But I have to say, this whole toddler-sleeping-in-underwear thing is still pretty dicey. E requested to use the potty during rest time today (before he fell asleep). I took him, he made a small deposit. Then, of course, he declared the “sun comes up, do somepin’ else!” and I put him back in bed, much to his chagrin. Not long after that, he shouted that he needed to poop, but in the time it took me to debate the seriousness of this request, he moved on to something else, so I did not intervene. No poop. Sleep eventually came. But when he woke up an hour and a half later, the bed was wet.

Now, I am not really surprised that a 2.5 year old wet the bed on his second day of potty-training. But he did not drink much before the nap AND he used the potty twice before falling asleep. AND we can’t seem to get him to give up having a little drink at nighttime bedtime. What’s to be done?  I am certain his sheet will be wet in the morning. I may get him out of bed to use the potty before I go to sleep, but I am afraid that may turn into a debacle. 

I am not yet ready to give in to pull-ups, the “nicotine gum of the toddler community” (oh, Honest Toddler, I love you). But I have a hard time believing that under the current scenario, I will do anything but wash sheets at every waking. I’d be curious to hear any other alternatives folks have tried during naptime and bedtime? 

(And yes, many of my favorite children have worn pull-ups for years. I love you, pull-up friends! I am not judging you. If I can avoid the expense and waste, I’d like to. But you do what you have to do to get sleep, and washing sheets twice a day is worse for the planet than throwing away a couple of pull-ups…. so…)


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One response to “Potty times, day 2

  1. Milli

    E wears a diaper at night instead of a pull up. Diapers hold more, and I feel like there’s a psychological weirdness with pull ups… They’re not a diaper so they’re okay?
    Anyway, I stopped the nap time diaper when they consistently woke up from naps dry. I stop the night diaper with that same scenario. E naps in undies but still needs a diaper at night.

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