Forward and back

We’ve had some success today, but we’re not in the clear. I think by day two or three my nephew was accident-free. Not here. Most of the potty incidents start on-the-scene and end in the potty. In most cases, it is just a little wetness on the unders, but we had another all-out puddle after lunch (in his defense, he is tired). That felt like a setback.

It’s hard to figure out when I should intervene and say something, when I should take him to the toilet and when I should wait on him. The point is for him to learn the signs himself and tell me. According to The Method, one always says “let me know when you have to go,” not “do you have to go?” or “you DO have to go!” (until an accident starts) But the successful dry-unders trips have been because we read his body language and suggested it, not because he told us unbidden. The potty manual does say that if your child is dancing around, that is one way of telling you. I hope his childcare provider on Monday is OK with interpretive dance.

I am glad we have two more days this weekend to work on potty prowess before he has to really put his skills to the test.


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