I stand (or lie down) corrected

My sister is going to love this one.

We went to E’s room at midnight, before we went to bed, and made a half-hearted attempt to wake him up. He rolled around, and I whispered, “do you want to go potty?” He did not get up. I didn’t have it in me to wake him: he had gone to sleep late already; I was going to sleep late. We decided we’d rather wash the sheets.

This morning, E woke up (10 hours after going to sleep) crying, and I went to his room. He was crying because he needed to “peep.” His underwear was wet but his BED WAS DRY?!!

I am not foolish enough to think this is how it will be from henceforth, but I am willing to keep trying.


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One response to “I stand (or lie down) corrected

  1. Jen

    I am SO proud of E (and you)!!!!!

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