Third day

The third day of potty boot-camp is winding down, and we’ve definitely made progress … although we can’t yet claim to have a new potty pro in the house.

E woke up dry from his nap (!!). There have been many potty success. There have been no potty fights. But E still is not getting to the bathroom *before* he needs to go (right! now!). I don’t know if this will just take more practice, or if there is something we can do to help him learn the need-to-go-soon feeling before the going starts…? Is this a boy thing? (It was not the case with my nephew.)

I hope it improves over the weekend, and that his Monday workday babysitter has patience with underwear changes.

The above issue is true for número uno. But when it really counts, when the poop hits the fan, as it were … our young trainee is a winner. He knew he needed to go numero dos tonight and requested the potty several times… then finally had success. The whole family sighed with relief. It was a proud, stinky time.


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  1. Sara K.

    I am LOLing at all of these posts. Though I haven’t experienced potty training personally, I have had many friends trod this path, and I know it can be a pain in the patoot!

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