Social butterfly, errr, lion

My son sees a group of children playing in the lobby of the building museum and admires them. So, he tries to engage them by glowering and roaring. It is going about as well as you would expect.

UPDATE: I suggested he wave and say hello. “No, I just roar.” But who am I to predict the social cues of young boys? Now they are chasing each other and the admired boys are following the little lion-man around. They are all laughing.




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2 responses to “Social butterfly, errr, lion

  1. Jen

    Oh yes! James definitely went through a phase where he roared like a bear and chased children. Whether they were in on it or not.

  2. Sara K.

    I had no idea! Most of my friends have daughters. The friending rituals of little boys have been unknown to me. Thank you for reporting on this elusive creature!

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