My mom keeps asking me to start a baby blog. So here it is. I love you, Mom!

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, my husband and I are expecting our first child circa November 2010. This blog will be the place to chronicle pregnancy and baby developments and our life in D.C. — a place I find endlessly entertaining.

We live, work, play and worship in the District. Like many D.C. residents my age, I occasionally fantasize about moving some place “normal.” But I must say, I love life in here.  We have no current plans to leave. So it was a bit off when we started telling people I was pregnant and one frequent question was: “Are you moving?”  We own our house. It has more than one bedroom. I bet people in that situation in, say, Massachusetts, do not get that question. But such is the transient life in D.C. … and the perception that it is impossible to raise a child here.

I’ve never done it, so I certainly don’t know if it is possible or not to raise a DC baby. But here is where you’ll get to read about me trying.

Baby’s in-utero name is “Pavo.”

Husband’s on-blog name is “Ned” or “P” or “Superman” … none of which are related to eachother but all of which are related to him in some way or another.


2 responses to “About

  1. Amanda

    Love this. =)

  2. Kim

    Fun pics. Ezra is gorgeous and looks happy in his holiday garb. I’m dressing Jake up for Teacher Appreciation Day – as a grateful teenager – working on design now – don’t think a costume exists. Fun!

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